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  • How to Grow Amaryllis Flowers (Hippeastrum)
  • How to Regrow Your Bloomaker Amaryllis Bulbs
  • Amaryllis Planting and Care
  • How to Get Your Amaryllis to Bloom Twice a Year
  • Amaryllis – Outdoor Care
  • Care Instructions for an Amarillo Plant
  • The gift that keeps on giving: Awesome amaryllis
  • Production in Brazil
  • Guide to Growing Amaryllis (amaryllis)
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How to Grow Amaryllis Flowers (Hippeastrum)

I like hippeastrum. What are hippeastrum you ask? We know them as amaryllis. They brighten my house with their stately blooms before Christmas and after. Growing amaryllis is easy, and I want you to grow them too. Frankly, I wish I were a bear and could hibernate until mid-March when at least the crocus are blooming. Because winter is so NOT my favorite season, I play around with hyacinths , Iris reticulata , different Narcissus tazetta paperwhites and muscari.

They are tropical, so they want to grow and bloom for you in your home They truly do. As I wrote above, they are really hippeastrum, but no one except British gardeners, who are good about all things botanical Latin, call them that.

Perhaps, that was his methodology. As for growing, I think the best way to grow amaryllis is in potting soil. If you want your plant to bloom again next year, substitute good potting soil. Then, throw that coir onto the compost pile. Although kits are fun, you can save yourself a lot of money putting together your own basket or other container with pretty amaryllis and moss.

I use my containers year-after-year. I seem to be on a completely natural kick this year. Usually, I force some plants in fancy bulb containers , but greenhouse terracotta felt right this winter. Buy the largest amaryllis bulb you can find. Open the kits and look if you must.

Online sources always ship nice, large bulbs. Pick the largest bulb you can find, but note that some unusual varieties will be smaller naturally. If you want a unique bulb, you may need to order online, and there is still time to order your own amaryllis. Cybister-type hippeastrum are especially interesting. Take the pot and fill it up over halfway with potting soil. Set the bulb down on it gently spreading its roots over the surface of the soil.

Then, put soil up to the shoulders of the bulb. Water the soil around the bulb gently. Place amaryllis bulb in container and gently spread its roots if possible. Place stones or moss around the bulb to give it a professional look. Also, build in some support from the beginning. Otherwise, your beautiful flowers will fall over onto the ground.

I think it looks nice with the moss and stones. Last year, I bought copper amaryllis supports, and I liked them too. Amaryllis grow extremely fast once they get started. However, they can be unpredictable about when they plan to start. As they grow, turn them everyday. That way, they will grow straight and tall. If they start to lean toward the light, just turn them again, and they will straighten up.

Amaryllis in terracotta pot with bamboo and twine support. Now for the contest. This contest is only open to the continental U. The contest runs through Midnight November 30, , the first Sunday of Advent. Please share yours too. Some of my amaryllis at the warm end of the greenhouse. The gift hippeastrum are in the red pots. I put dark stones on top for decoration. Consider, also, giving already-growing amaryllis as gifts—that is—if you can part with them. But what […]. I am such a party animal […].

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Enjoy big, beautiful blooms year after year. Bright colors, perfect for shady areas. Easy to grow, easy to love. A fabulous focal point for any garden. Adding classic roses is easier than you think!

One of our most frequently asked questions is how-to regrow Bloomaker bulbs, specifically Amaryllis bulbs, once they've stopped growing in.

How to Regrow Your Bloomaker Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis are beautiful additions to your home during the winter months. Besides water and sunlight, there are other tips and tricks for successfully growing amaryllises. Amaryllises can be purchased as bulbs from lawn and garden centers. Boxed kits are also sold, each of which includes a bulb, pot and potting soil. Or, you can buy amaryllises that are already potted. If you purchase a bulb from a lawn and garden store, choose a pot large enough to fit the bulb while leaving some room on all sides. Make sure the pot you choose to plant your flower in has drainage holes in the bottom. Put some potting soil in the pot, then place the bulb in the pot and finish by adding more potting soil. Cover all but one-third of the top of the bulb with potting soil. At that time, you can use houseplant fertilizer like or , University of Illinois Extension says.

Amaryllis Planting and Care

Find plants you love for all your projects. Search below or check out our recommended Idea Boards. Enter your US or Canada postal code and we'll look up your hardiness zone. For more options, try our Advanced Plant Search. Proven Winners searches the world to bring you vibrant flowering annuals, perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance.

Flowers are one of the best antidotes to the icy winds of winter, and growing a houseplant that buds and blooms inside while all is dormant outside is particularly satisfying.

How to Get Your Amaryllis to Bloom Twice a Year

Amaryllis bulbs are among the easiest to force into winter blooms. The large, lilylike flowers are available in red, pink, salmon, white, yellow and bicolors. The blooms may be single or double, and there are miniature amaryllis too. It is traditional to coax, or force, large Dutch hybrid amaryllis into bloom for the holidays. Simply plant a bulb in a pot, and in eight weeks or so you'll have blooms.

Amaryllis – Outdoor Care

Nicolaus critterologist January 12,When its brilliant holiday blooms have faded, should you toss that big brown amaryllis bulb into the compost pile? Amaryllis, botanically known as Hippeastrum, are as easy to care for as any house plant. When they're not blooming, the strap-like leaves make an attractive, architectural backdrop for other plants. With a little fertilizer and summer sun, your amaryllis will bloom again, bigger and better than ever! Editor's Note: This article was originally published on January 8,Your comments are welcome, but please be aware that authors of previously published articles may not be able to promptly respond to new questions or comments.

The ideal temperature for an amaryllis plant is 65–75 °F (18–24 °C) while it is growing. Amaryllis plants like to grow in warmer weather so aim for these.

Care Instructions for an Amarillo Plant

Q: For the second year in a row, our amaryllis bulbs did not come up until late spring and did not bloom. What are we doing wrong? We plant in very early spring.

The gift that keeps on giving: Awesome amaryllis

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Every season a substantial portion of amaryllis bulbs sold are incorrectly labeled. This might not be such a big deal if not for the fact that these are relatively expensive bulbs, which rightly raises the expectations for quality and labeling correctness. The intent of this site is to photograph and describe those Hippeastrum hybrids commercially available past and present in the U. Maybe now you can put a name on that mystery bulb! Ah, but now we must now also deal with the economic aftershocks.

A: I love amaryllis bulbs and the resulting exotic, trumpet-shaped flowers they produce.

Production in Brazil

See our shipping information page for approximate ship dates and more detailed information. If you have any questions, please call Customer Service at or contact us at service brecks. Breck's is proud to be the largest U. Thousands of gardeners trust Breck's each season to deliver the biggest, best bulbs from the fertile fields of Holland right to their doors. Are you tired of deer, rabbits and other critters foraging on the flowers in your garden? There are many flowers you can grow that not only look gorgeous but are naturally unappetizing to hungry animals.

Guide to Growing Amaryllis (amaryllis)

I like hippeastrum. What are hippeastrum you ask? We know them as amaryllis.